Sustainable and safe cleaning

C3-OPTIMUM 100% sustainable and safe cleaning products!

Cleaning is important and indispensable for a clean, hygienic and representative working and living environment.

With our 100% human, material and environmentally safe C3-OPTIMUM cleaning products your organization can achieve
this in a sustainable, safe, environmentally conscious and effective way with C3-OPTIMUM cleaning products.

  • Products do not require hazard symbols.
  • Minimal use of detergents
  • Minimized water use
  • Skin, environment and material friendly
  • No fossil (oil) ingredients
  • On waterbase

By using C3-OPTIMUM products within your organization you also contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals formulated by the VN and thus to a better world for future generations.

C3-OPTIMUM in relation to the sustainable development goals

Today’s world demands change. Change that should lead to a better world for future generations in various areas.

In 2015, the United Nations (UN) formulated 17 goals to improve the world. These SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) offer government, individuals and companies “handles” that can help to use these goals.

C3-OPTIMUM products contribute to SDGs in the field of sustainability, safety and the environment.

C3-OPTIMUM cleans and protects contaminated surfaces and objects, extending the lifespan and thereby reducing the use of raw materials.

C3-OPTIMUM is skin and material friendly and safe. The products are not aggressive, harmless to skin contact and do not affect surfaces. As a result, C3-OPTIMUM contributes to safe product use and good working conditions.

C3-OPTIMUM products do not contain chemical solvents and other aggressive components that can affect the environment, biodiversity and therefore creates a clean and safe living environment.


By using C3-OPTIMUM products for cleaning solar panels and herewith extending the lifespan of objects, a substantial contribution is made to the energy transition.

SDG 13

By using C3-OPTIMUM products, the impact on the environment is reduced. The products do not contain any chemical solvents. This ensures that no unnecessary damage is done to the environment, which in turn has a negative impact on climate change

SDG 12

Due to the careful composition of the C3-OPTIMUM products, the products contain up to 20x less detergents than regular cleaners. This has a positive influence on raw material consumption and is also very safe for people and materials.