Business benefits

Cleaning products are primarily intended to clean contaminated surfaces. And preferably in a sustainable, safe, environmentally friendly and effective way! C3-OPTIMUM products meet all these qualifications.

Cleaning is too often seen as a cost item. With the C3-OPTIMUM cleaning philosophy, cleaning can actually be used as a “profit generator” because it can contribute significantly to important contemporary points of interest such as:

  • The climate crisis
    Environmental pollution and degradation of biodiversity is a theme that concerns everyone! the use of chemical solvents that (may) come into contact with our environment contributes to this. C3-OPTIMUM products contain NO chemical solvents and therefore have no negative impact on the environment and biodiversity.
  • Staff shortage
    There is a huge staff shortage. Due to the unique 2-in-1 treatment that characterizes the C3-OPTIMUM products (cleaning and protection in one treatment), work can be done more efficiently, resulting in savings on labor hours. The effect of this is less staffing and less staff costs.
  • The need for a better hygienic standard
    The world population is growing enormously. This poses problems in terms of the spread of pathogens. Look at the recent corona pandemic. The demand and need for a better hygiene level is therefore increasing. C3-OPTIMUM products can contribute significantly to this.

Save on labor costst

Reduces up to 50% on working time / costs when cleaning objects.

Longer clean & hygienic

Research shows that the number of bacteria per cm2 is up to 232 times less one hour after cleaning than after cleaning with soap and water or alcohol.

Chemical solvents

The use of chemical solvents is reduced by 100%.

2-in-1 effect

Because the C3-OPTIMUM special cleaner with advanced silane technology enters into a molecular reaction with the underlying material, a very smooth surface is created. This makes it easy to remove the dirt that is present and it is difficult for new dirt to adhere to the surface for a long time.

C3-OPTIMUM therefore cleans and protects the surface in one treatment. This 2 in 1 effect makes cleaning faster, more efficient and at a lower cost. In addition, C3-OPTIMUM products are very economical in use, which has a favorable effect on product costs.

Environmental saving effects

C3-OPTIMUM products are 100% safe for people, materials and the environment! No chemical solvents, no skin-aggressive ingredients and certainly no substances that affect biodiversity. This allows the product to be used both indoors and outdoors without costly precautions. This saves on costs for protective equipment, labor time and preventive measures against contact of the liquid with the surface or the bottom.

Lower maintenance costs and longer service life

C3-OPTIMUM products not only clean the surface deep into the pores, but also protect the surface against re-contamination for a long time. As a result, surfaces deteriorate, roughen and discolour less quickly, which reduces maintenance costs and extends the lifespan.